OOG Company

The company behind CleanWheels

OOG Company is passionate about creating products that create real value for the user – all the way. The quality is indisputable. Efficiency is a matter of course and constant development is a requirement. The daily fuel for the engine at OOG Company is the desire and will to leave a crucial impression in a world that is constantly changing.


OOG Company makes CleanWheels – wheelchair wheel cleaners that make life easier and
cleaner for wheelchair users all over the world. The idea comes from a desire to give
wheelchair users the same possibility of “wiping their feet” as people who can walk. Clean &

What the users say

”As a wheelchair user, it is a daily challenge that you are leaving an imprint in a not so cool way. Either, your wheels collect dirt and grime that harden and fall off in lumps, or you leave behind wet wheel tracks when coming in the door on a rainy day. Both problems are solved by CleanWheels from OOG Company.
What can I say? It’s brilliant!”

– (Morten Hoffmansen)

The manufacturer of CleanWheel says:
“At Unika Danmark A/S, we are happy to be a part of the development and production of the brilliant idea. It has been an interesting and rewarding project, where we in collaboration with OOG Company always had the user of CleanWheels in mind, and thought about how to make it easy for them” says Bo Johansen, and continues “It all started in the tools department, where the engineers developed 3D drawings of the special tools to be used in the plastic injection molding mashines here at Unika. For the molding we devised a fine, lightweight and durable solution in recycled plastic instead of the heavier aluminum of which the prototype was made – and the result….. Yes, we are very proud of that, and we really hope for success in the wheelchair users world.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank OOG Company for thinking Danish in everything from idea to development and production” concludes Bo Johansen