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In 2016 OOG Company was established, and the first prototype was ready shortly after. In 2020 OOG Company is a technological incubator with a multitude of competencies under the same roof. 

A unique product that is still one of a kind in the world.

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Known from

Clean success on wheels

OOG Company develops, manufactures and sells wheelchair wheel cleaners under the name CleanWheels to wheelchair users all over the world. CleanWheels has been designed to make life easier – and cleaner – for everybody, using the wheelchair as their means of transportation and necessary companion.

CleanWheels is aimed at private customers, hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Everywhere you see people move around in a wheelchair, CleanWheels will make a difference.

OOG Company is a company where decency and old virtues walk hand in hand with a modern and innovative approach to the market and products. A product from OOG Company provides a combination of high-quality and optimal functionality for the end-user.

From idea to business

Founders of OOG Company  – two guys who had an eye-opening experience and shortly after an idea:

As a wheelchair user, you are unable to wipe your shoes/wheels before you enter someone’s home. This became clear to us during a visit to a friend’s house. One of the guests was a wheelchair user and had a cloth thrown at him and was asked to clean the wheels before entering the living room.

This incident got the two thinking, and they agreed that it should be a natural thing for a wheelchair user to be able to clean the wheels on his or her initiative, instead of having a random cloth thrown in the face when entering a house.

The idea for CleanWheels came to life. And it started bubbling…